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Cabrio is not a just a car, it is a symbol of success. The cabrio is strongly connected with an idea of prestige and luxury.

Now you can rent a cabrio for 2-3 hours or several days. Affordable cabrio service became available in Moscow and now is highly demanded. Almost anyone can order a cabrio with a driver for a wedding, birthday or any other important event.

There are a lot of situations when cabrio service is the best option. We offer you a wide range of cabrio for any occasion. But please note that the demand for cabrio service is constantly growing, so be sure to book the cabrio you chosen in advance.

Cost of rent depends on the chosen model and day of week; it varies from 1300 Rubles to 6000 Rubles per hour.

Retro cabrio: back to the past

Certainly modern cabrio are hands-down winners: decent and comfortable, safe and festive. But you can barely surprise somebody with a modern cabrio, especially in Moscow city. If it’s important to you to impress somebody with a spectacular arrival, we offer you the possibility to choose and rent retro cabrio in perfect condition and with rich history. Such models as Excalibur Phantom and Cadillac Deville are amazing examples of retro cabrio and are pride of our company.

Club cabrio for parties

Another type of service that you can order at our company is the of a club cabrio. What is a club cabrio? It is a real nightclub on wheels! Club cabrio means a luxurious exterior and spacious interior where can have fun an entire company, drinking beverages, dancing, and even singing karaoke.

Order a cabrio right now and make your celebration a truly special one!

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